Q&A: Remote Sensing & Mapping Drones

How are surveying and mapping benefiting from drone technology today? Drone technology has eliminated most of the barriers to entry to remote sensing and mapping. Aerial Services is celebrating our 50th year (ASI history) in this profession, and we,  like our competitors, are accustomed to thinking about using multi-hundred-thousand-dollar aircraft and million-dollar sensors to produce …

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Dronepedia: Drone Education

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] By Admir, pharmacist by profession and hobby dronist by passion. He runs a review/news website on drones – Dronepedia. You can find him on Twitter  @derAdmir. Aerial Services has the permission from the author to post this article.  [/spb_text_block] [blank_spacer height=”30px” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [spb_text_block title=”What Kind of Options Are There …

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Where’s the Ground?

Mike Tully recently had an article published on ASPRS called “Where’s the Ground”. This article discusses the drone mapping revolution that has cut loose flying for non-specialists. Anyone can perform remote sensing and mapping that previously was possible only using specialized knowledge and gear. Considered together, this explosion of remote sensing and mapping technology will ignite …

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“Commercial” Drones but Just Barely

Article by Mike Tully “This article was originally written just before the Final UAS Rule was published in August 2016. Although these UAS regulations established the commercial use of drones most of the flight restrictions remain burdensome and continue to limit their incredible economic potential. FAA Section 333 exemptions allow operators to fly drones in the …

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Just How Accurate is Your Drone?

Article Written by Mike Tully Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) continue to influence the profession of remote sensing and mapping like few things ever have. Advances in computer technology, global positioning, and miniaturization have conspired to remove considerable barriers to entry. Many new practitioners are buying drones and providing these services and data for the first time. Much (not …

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Is Your Drone Near-sighted?

Written by: Mike Tully Aerial photography is awesome. A near-sighted drone that is unable to clearly see distant objects is a bummer. The utility of drone photography is directly related to whether important details are discernable in the imagery. The “resolving power” of your drone (a “flying camera system”) is a key consideration. It is …

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