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Earth on Demand

Earth On Demand Web Services ™ enable the distribution of geospatial data (raster & vector) in near real-time to web clients and desktop geospatial applications like AutoCAD, ESRI, and many more. Because geospatial data are distributed using RESTful services like WMS, WMTS, WFS and WCS, users are assured that access to the data is Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards-based and interoperable. This frees clients from spending on storage, server and networking infrastructure to manage very heavy geospatial data. Secure access to the data is guaranteed and very flexible. Clients pay for as much or as little of the service (& storage) as needed. Clients are able to access our existing large geospatial warehouse or add their own data to the mix. Access to that data is controlled by the data owner and can be monetized as needed.

Earth On Demand™ offers complete solutions for:

Ports and Rail Industries

Forests, Ranges, and Parks

Precision Agriculture, Viticulture,
and Small Fruits

Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies

Fresh Imagery Option

Satellites and aerial photography have not been able to provide high resolution aerial photography for your area of interest when you need it. You wait weeks or months for it, but by then it’s too old. Earth On Demand™ is changing this by using new technology to acquire often, produce quickly, and deliver your imagery request fast.

High Resolution Now

New remote sensing and web technologies are used to capture the highest resolution orthophotography when, and as often, as you need it. All of your imagery is streamed to your device within a few days of acquisition. Simple tools are provided to draw, measure, and print your data. Perform your own analysis, markup the area, and add it to your geodatabase.

3D Point Clouds

High resolution point clouds are provided with all Earth On Demand™ imagery. Shaded relief models, building heights, aggregate volumes, and much more are possible form these point clouds.

History has value

Glean value from your historical imagery. As you repeatedly acquire the same area over time, the image accrues historical value. View change over time with regularly updated aerial photography.

Measure & Analyze

Measure area, distance, and height in 3D imagery. Add points, lines, and polygons to build your geodatabase. Build specialized analytical tools for your professionals to perform the analysis you need.

Why is Earth On Demand™ Important?

*Orthoimages/DEMs are now low value commodities
-Accuracy & resolution no longer have premium value

*Satellites have competition
-DG & RapidEye realtime orthoimages
-Terra Bella (microsatellites)

*Establish business model, tools, and network now
-Deploy UAVs later to drive profits up and extend reach

*Build increasingly valuable archive that is mined for value

*Establish recurring income

*Create nationwide acquisition platform
-Supports variety of remote sensing opportunities

*Opportunity to develop scalable web solutions

*Archive value increases with size, scope, and age

*Web solutions are needed to make sense of geospatial data

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