Earth on Demand

Earth on Demand ™ is ASI’s cloud-based geospatial data streaming solution. Securely share your data online with users across your organization and beyond! Scalable pricing models based on storage, custom setups, programming, and other options, allow Earth on Demand to fit within any budget. Host new data, maintain access to archived data, provide insight to users by overlaying your GIS data, or add data from ASI’s library of imagery and other geospatial datasets. Users can control who can see their data, and even monetize access as needed. Infinitely scalable, readily customizable, and secured by Amazon AWS, see why clients across the country entrust ASI with hosting their data. Request a quote today!


Authorized users are allowed to access specific layers


Tiling to desired spatial resolution up to 22 zoom levels


Secured services using basic or token authentication


Detailed reports of user and layer activity available


Benefits of Earth on Demand

Easy to integrate into your product

  • OGC services are supported by most geospatial software and mapping APIs.  

Affordable Online Streaming

  • Already have a geospatial streaming solution?  We can offset your costs by hosting your raster services to allow your solution to grow without purchasing more hardware!.  

Security minded

  • Keep unwanted users from accessing your data using a robust authentication and authorization system.  

Reseller tools

  • Want to sell your imagery?  We can offer tools to track and monitor your client’s usage to deliver accurate reports to maximize your profits.  

Access Planet Labs imagery

  • Users can easily access temporal imagery based on their area of interest and frequency needs

What Earth on Demand Users are Saying

“We have provided aerial imagery and other geospatial services to support water management across the American west for years, and in 2018 we began working with a state government agency to provide access to new and historic orthophotos to hundreds of water districts. ASI’s Earth on Demand service provided us with a dependable, secure, and open-source solution to host and stream multiple years and resolutions of imagery as well as other geospatial data and analytical tools.”

Wayne Tate

President, Eagle Aerial Solutions

Earth on Demand FAQ

How does Earth on Demand work?

We will tile your imagery to your desired spatial resolution (up to 22 zoom levels). Once tiled, ASI will securely host imagry online. Secure login credentials allow users to access data at the click of a button.

Does Earth on Demand work with ArcMap?

Earth on Demand will work with all OGC Compliant applications. These include but not limited to: ArcGIS Suite, QGIS, Global Mapper, AutoCAD, etc.

Is my existing web app compatible with Earth on Demand?

Earth on Demand supports all OGC-compliant library APIs such as the ArcGIS JavaScript API, Leaflet, OpenLayers, Mapbox, etc.

Do you support WFS or vector basemaps?

Planned upcoming feature.