How NOT to Procure Geospatial Solutions

As you prepare for a new year and a new budget, Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) would like to share  with our guide on how NOT to procure geospatial services.

Not only will you find great tips on what not to do, but also ways to make your RFP and procurement process easier for you and your bidders.

How does ASI know so much about the data procurement process?  ASI has been in business for 55 years, and we have provided imagery data for USGS, USACE, USDA, the Department of Energy, and various State and Local Governments.   ASI has also collected and produced over 60,000 square miles of LiDAR data across the US.

Additionally, with our experience in GIS Services procurement, we have built a solid reputation as an ESRI Authorized business partner, providing application development services and GIS services to Federal Agencies, local government, and the private sector.  ASI has also expanded our 2D and 3D mapping services, including planimetric mapping and utility mapping, through the purchase of a mapping company in Atlanta.

We’re sure this guide will help you navigate the procurement process that lies ahead.  As always, ASI is ready to help!

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