Tradeshow Fodder

Netflix and Chill

aka, Video Killed the Projected Logo

At trade shows and conferences, companies often rely on sponsorship dollars to get their name in front of attendees. This typically involves a printed logo in the show’s pamphlet, or on banners scattered throughout the hall, or placement at special events hosted during the shows run. While this is effective, it can be quite dull and not very exciting for marketing professionals who want to create new and interesting marketing material. However, a recent sponsorship opportunity gave Aerial Services the chance to shake things up.

As part of our sponsorship plan, we had the privilege of being the first to utilize video as a medium to promote our organization. Although the boss wanted to create something unique, I was initially hesitant about the idea. We only had four days to create, shoot, edit, and complete the project, which added to the challenge.

After batting around ideas, we came up with “Netflix and Chill,” a video that took a light-hearted jab at our industry, our peers, and ourselves. Despite not being there to see the attendees’ reactions, I understand the video was a success, received very positive feedback, and became a piece that will not be soon forgotten.

Overall, while traditional sponsorship methods can be effective for your sponsorship dollars, sometimes shaking things up with new and unique marketing material can have a more lasting impact.

Please enjoy Netflix and Chill.